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Passport Photos

Instant Passport and Visa Photos

Call for appointment 504-394-7733

USA- $15 (set of 2)

International- $35 (set of 2)

Additional fee for children under 6 years of age. 

International* and U.S. Passport photos

Photos you won’t mind having for 10 years on your passport. ​

We specialize in both International* and U.S. Passport and visa photos. No matter what country you are applying to, we can match the photo requirements.  We can even accommodate the demanding requirements of Canadian applications. Regardless of the photo guidelines, your images will be ready in minutes.

Don’t be stuck for ten years with a mediocre photo snapped by a photo drug store technician. You deserve better! The professional photographers at The Portrait Gallery use multiple lights to properly expose your photo, eliminate shadows, and illuminate the background.

You choose the image you like the best. After all it will be on your passport for the next 10 years.

We can photograph any age from infants to adults. (Note there is a small additional charge for children 5 years and under)

*For International passport applications we ask that you bring the photographic guidelines from the country you are applying to. Appointments are required, however, we can accommodate most same-day requests. 

We photograph all international Passports/Visas

including but not limited to:

5163 General De Gaulle Dr STE L

New Orleans, LA 70131, USA

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