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Award Banquets

See also:  Holiday Parties

Capture the moment they've worked so hard to achieve!

Years of dedication and commitment have brought your award honorees to this moment. Our Certified Professional Photographers can capture the moment when the recipient and presenter are looking their best.

Your honorees can leave the event with their photographs in deluxe presentation mats in hand and ready for display. They can also share the experience with family and friends in real time with our on-site Social Media kiosk. Our kiosk allows them to email their photos or post them to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on the spot.

Your human resources department will also benefit by receiving a copy of all photos to use for company publications, web postings, and company archives.  This service is a truly great way to award the dedication, loyalty, tenure, and achievement of your valued employees.

Want them to remember the moment?

Keep them thinking about it with a photo

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